Conflict resolution training for customer-facing businesses

PARTNER-RUN EVENT – BY HEART OF LONDON BUSINESS ALLIANCE AND SAFER WEST END (PART OF THE SAFER BUSINESS NETWORK) Heart of London Business Alliance and Safer Business Network are proud to present a bespoke training session on conflict resolution for customer-facing businesses.

Research by the retail trade body, the British Retail Consortium, found there were on average 455 incidents of violence and aggression towards shop workers a day in 2019, up 7% on the previous year. Unfortunately, a rising tide of aggression and heightened emotions fuelled by Covid-19 restrictions has only pushed this figure higher in 2021.

To address this issue and equip staff with the necessary tools to respond to conflict, we invite businesses within the retail and hospitality sectors, as well as other customer-facing businesses, to attend this free, online training session delivered by our partner, Safer Business Network.

During the training session we will cover:

What conflict is and how to manage it
Summarise key safety procedures in relation to COVID-19
Explore the power of good customer service to de-escalate conflict.
This event is free for Heart of London Business Alliance and Safer Business Network members to attend. If you are a member of either organisation, you can use the button above to register via the Eventbrite page.


9.00am – 10.00am, Thursday 8 July 2021




Bob Wolstenholme, Business Engagement

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