Helsinki: What makes a world-class destination?

On Wednesday 8 June, our Chief Executive, Ros Morgan interviewed Deputy Mayor of Helsinki, Anni Sinnemäki as part of our ‘What makes a world-class destination?’ webinar series.

Anni shared her vision for the Helsinki as well as discussing the key lessons learnt from the pandemic.

Our top five takeaways are:

Cultural investment is fundamental to the revitalisation of city centres
A long-term strategy should be developed to ensure residents and businesses are kept informed of cultural activations
A city’s long-term sustainable goals increase its international appeal
Social sustainability can be achieved by adopting a three-pronged approach
The younger generation should be at the forefront of new investment opportunities
To end the interview, Anni revealed her definition of a world-class destination: a mix of different people and their energy.

To watch the webinar in full, click here.

Our next interview will take place on Thursday 30 June with the Deputy Mayor of Paris, David Belliard. If you would like to register, click here.