Queen’s Speech Bill announcements

Tuesday 10 May 2022: the Prince of Wales, on behalf of Her Majesty, delivered the Queen’s Speech outlining the government’s priorities for the next Parliamentary session.

With an aim to get the UK’s economy back on track following the pandemic, the Prime Minister used the speech to reiterate the promises made at the start of Parliament. It focused on four key priorities:

Growing the economy
Safer streets
Supporting the NHS to clear the COVID-19 backlog
Providing the leadership needed in challenging times
The Heart of London Business Alliance are encouraged to see mentions in the speech on business rates reform, as a means to modernise the business rates system with frequent revaluations based on more accurate data. The Transport Bill will introduce new laws that will enable the licensing of London pedicabs. And the Draft Protection Duty Bill will establish a new framework for considering the threat from terrorism, to implement appropriate and proportionate mitigation measures.

To read the speech in full, click here.