Westminster City Council launches Women’s Night Safety programme

Wednesday 14 March: Westminster City Council (WCC) have recently launched its Women’s Night Safety Programme.

The programme aims to tackle the highest level of sexual offences in London, focusing on the evening and night-time economy and forms part of the council’s wider Night Safety in Westminster campaign.

Any business operating in Westminster can participate in making change:

  • Providing a ‘Safe Haven’, a temporary place for people to recover and safely make their way home. 
  • Participating in their Behavioral change campaign to target potential offenders of sexual offences. 
  • Becoming an accredited business to help develop awareness around women’s safety and steps that can be taken to create better practices. 
  • Becoming a Night Star volunteer, working with the West End’s evening and night-time businesses to promote women’s safety and reduce violence against women and girls. 
  • Attending an in-person or digital women’s safety training session.
  • Taking part in women’s night safety walks to bring together women who live, work, visit and study in Westminster to establish a checklist of factors that may impact the safety of women at night. 

For further information, please contact Director of Operations, Robin Hibbert robin@holba.london.