Cultural Heart of London

Our world-leading cultural institutions rely on people returning in large numbers to remain viable or even re-open.

Whilst the Government has unveiled a tidal wave of initial support measures to help businesses survive the current pandemic, as a representative of 500 leading businesses and 100 top property owners in the area, it is our duty to offer additional support to keep the Heart of London beating.

Culture is a critical economic generator and dynamic identity marker for us and our area, as London’s #1 destination for foreign direct investment and 24/7 showcase of the world’s best talent. In a firm display of our enduring and unconditional support for the cultural sector, and its vital role in making the West End such a unique place, we would like to announce the publication of a Cultural Strategy for the Heart of London area, which we have developed with cultural placemaking experts, Futurecity.

Our new cultural strategy communicates our cultural vibrancy and vision, outlines a practical framework for collaborative governance and provides a toolkit to enable the delivery of headline cultural activations.

In tandem, we commissioned Arup to undertake research about the impact of Covid-19 on the West End’s cultural sector. The analysis is startling, and finds that London’s arts and culture sector requires immediate help if it is to survive, further highlighting the critical role that culture plays in the prosperity of the West End, London and the UK.

We launch the Cultural Heart of London strategy at a point of global economic and social disruption. This is a time when vision, creativity and spirit are most needed to empower our workforce and visitors; to support community participation; and to encourage people back to our iconic area. With this strategy as a guide, we will offer new experiences and encounters and provide a robust, authentic and enticing 24/7 lifestyle destination for all audiences. Now, more than ever, we must hold the pulse as the ‘Cultural Heart of London’.

Ros Morgan, Chief Executive
Heart of London Business Alliance