New and improved area performance data

As of next week, Heart of London Business Alliance will be offering its members improved area performance analysis, allowing businesses to plan with confidence and make the most of being in the heart of London. Supplied by Colliers, the new weekly and monthly reports are intended to provide data and insights, audience demographics and the changes in trends that impact the performance of our area.

In addition to our regular footfall analysis, we will now be supplying monthly reports that include a more granular look at the demographics of visitors in the area, including age profiling, visitor behaviour, occupations, gender split as well as visitor frequency and dwell time.

What to expect

The Monday updates will now be sent on Friday, allowing for more time to process the high-quality data and offer a more accurate picture
Weekly updates will include statistics on footfall in the Heart of London area, compared week-on-week and year-on-year as well as regular user data from Transport for London
Monthly visitor profile and demographic reports will be made available specifically to Heart of London Business Alliance members and shared mid-month
We will share post-event analysis following major London events
Regular briefings and training opportunities will be held to assist businesses in making the most of the data
Heart of London Business Alliance have chosen to partner with Colliers Retail Strategy as a leading provider of data analytics and insights to ensure our members have the best-in-class insights available to them, to maintain the growth and competitiveness of the West End.

Paul Matthews, Director, Head of Retail Strategy & Analytics, Colliers Retail Strategy

“Colliers is delighted to be partnering with Heart of London Business Alliance to provide these regular insights via the Colliers LocateFootfall platform. Our data will provide members with an enhanced view of performance, going beyond measuring just the volume of visitors and delivering a greater range of metrics to enable members to get a more detailed view on visitor behaviours”

Ros Morgan, Chief Executive, Heart of London Business Alliance

“Data and insights are fundamental to the monitoring of our area, but are also vital to the strategic planning of our recovery. Over the last two years, London’s West End has faced, what is arguably, the most challenging period in its history, so we must look to stringently monitor the change in footfall and demographic patterns. We are already seeing some key differences in consumer behaviour and look forward to working with our members to put these insights to use and prepare for the future.”

As we make the switch this week, we will be sending our next footfall report on Friday 22nd July.

In the interim, if you have any immediate data needs or have any questions, please email