Parliamentarians visit the West End

Last Thursday we were delighted to host eight parliamentarians for a walking tour of the West End, visiting some of its most historic businesses and seeing the area’s unique economic ecosystem up close. The Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) is an independent, non-lobbying, non-partisan charity that provides a trusted platform of engagement between Parliament and UK business.

The day began with a talk at our headquarters on behalf of our Chief Executive, Ros Morgan,  to explain how BIDs operate in the area, from our waste and recycling scheme to our public affairs work, and how working closely with our members strengthens the West End.

At the English National Opera, Chief Executive Stuart Murphy gave our parliamentarians a behind-the-scenes tour of the iconic London opera company, which, they were surprised to find out, provides free tickets for all opera performances to under-21s.

The historic Floris, the oldest English retailer of fragrance and toiletries, gave an introduction to perfume-making from Edward Bodenham, the brand’s Perfumery Director. The store has been located in the building on Jermyn Street since the 18th Century, an example of how British brands such as these give the historic districts of the West End their unique character.

The final stop of our West End walking tour was the world-famous Fortnum and Mason department store, where Retail Director Sean Ghouse and Redcoat Sarah gave a walk-through of the store’s 300-year-old history. World-famous destinations in our area provide an anchor that attracts tourists the world over, and it’s vital we have the right policies in place to help them continue to do that.

At Heart of London, we believe you need to see the West End for yourself, to understand the opportunities in the area, with insights from those who, every day, serve customers, delight audiences, and keep the heart of London beating.

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