Evening and night-time strategy

A first-of-its-kind strategy for the West End

The Evening and Night-time Economy Strategy, Vision and Action Plan has been produced by Heart of London Business Alliance, in collaboration with leading urban design practice Publica.

A first of its kind for the West End, the strategy provides an ambitious, integrated, and deliverable plan for this iconic part of the West End between the hours of 6pm and 6am. It sets out how the area can meet its full potential and become more inclusive, safe, accessible, attractive, and dynamic for those who work, visit, live, invest and run businesses here.

The Heart of London area covers 39 hectares, just 6% of the wider West End footprint and yet it delivers 7% of its evening and night-time GVA. It is worth £4.9 billion to the UK economy, of which 20% comes from the evening and night-time economy; and 50% of that is driven by the cultural sector.

Accompanying the strategy is an economic analysis of the evening and night-time economy (ENTE) conducted by Arup. It shows that this economy is underperforming and struggling to recover from the pandemic. Growth line trends dictate that it should be worth £15.5 billion, instead of the current £14 billion. Without intervention, this gap will only widen.

This strategy looks beyond the obvious, beyond a single industry or sector and beyond the day-to-day challenges of a city after dark. Instead, it elevates the conversation to look at the potential value of the evening and night-time economy to London’s West End.


The strategy proposes a vision for the Heart of London’s West End:

A dynamic, inclusive, safe, and sought-after destination 24 hours a day; a community who embraces and celebrates the evening and night-time economy; and stakeholders who understand its value and actively strive for it to meet its full potential.