Political Update – April 2024

Main Event – Pedicabs Bill receives Royal Assent

The Pedicabs (London) Bill received Royal Assent on Thursday 25 April to become an Act of Parliament. The bill, now enshrined into law, gives Transport for London (TfL) the powers to regulate fares and improve safety standards, something that Heart of London has been calling for many years.

The new law is a crucial component to regulating pedicabs in the Heart of London. When the bill commences, two months from today, TfL will possess the necessary powers to run the licencing system. Our focus now turns to working closely with TfL to ensure our members can best engage with the impending regulatory consultation. We will share more information in due course.

Commenting on the new law, Ros Morgan, Chief Executive of Heart of London, provided the following quote for the Evening Standard:

“It is fantastic to see the Pedicabs Bill receive Royal Assent today. For too long, pedicabs have been a nuisance in London and HOLBA have campaigned tirelessly to see better regulation. This new law will transform pedicabs from the current menace they are into the safe and environmentally friendly form of transport they should be. It’s now time for TFL to urgently do its part by developing and deploying an enforceable set of regulations that work in practice.”

Political Activity

  • Submitted a response to Westminster City Council’s street entertainment and busking consultation.
  • Submitted a response to Westminster City Council’s new Retrofit First policy consultation.

 Recent Media Coverage (April 2024)

Looking Ahead

Local and London Mayoral Elections will take place on May 2nd – the GLA is inactive during the pre-election period until this date. HOLBA is pleased to see mayoral candidates Sadiq Khan (Labour) and Susan Hall (Conservative) pledge policies in line with our political asks including:

  • An increase in neighbourhood police officers and PCSOs on the streets
  • Prioritising transport funding to invest in TfL infrastructure
  • Expanding the Night Tube
  • Redoubling efforts to reduce violence against women and girls

There has yet to be an update on the date of the next UK General Election, however an autumn date remains most likely. Our upcoming political activity includes:

  • HOLBA will look to organise West End site visits for senior politicians ahead of the general election.
  • HOLBA will continue engagement with TfL on both Pedicabs and the Friday fare freeze.

If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss any of the above in further detail, please contact Elaina Moulds, Corporate Communications Manager, at Elaina@holba.london.