St James’s in the Heart of London

The Heart of London area spans 40 hectares. Each district, although close in proximity and complementary, is distinctive in character and contribution to the wider ecosystem.

St James’s is a unique treasure to the West End and plays a critical role in this part of London’s global success.

A former Royal Estate, it is the historical heart of London, which shines through in its handsome architecture, townscape, and form. St James’s retains many of its historical uses, which differentiates the area and gives it its distinct identity. Not least, its private members’ clubs and specialist offer of high-quality menswear, art and antique dealing.

Parts of St James’s have welcomed more modern structures and more mainstream retail, office, amenities and lifestyle offering. The gardens and greenspace are used and admired throughout the seasons. St James’s Church has been at the very heart of the community as a place of prayer since 1684. Today it is also a space for exhibitions, art, concerts, talks, dinners and food markets.

This unique proposition of old and new is what sets St James’s apart from anywhere else in the world and, as such, is a magnet for high-quality national and international residents, visitors and investors.