Working in partnership

We work with industry leaders and the community to make real change.

We realise the power of working in partnerships, of coming together to speak with one voice and make change happen. That is why we never work alone. Over the last 20 years, we have forged partnerships and collaborations at local, regional, and national levels turning risk into opportunity, to strive for a thriving West End.

This includes working with St James’s Conservation Trust, the St James’s Neighbourhood Forum, the St James’s Square Trust and the Association of London Clubs.

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“The work that Ros and the team does is essential to drive London’s economic recovery as we emerge from the pandemic. I am proud to be an ambassador and support Heart of London’s invaluable contribution, ensuring London remains the world’s best city to live, work and visit.”

Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London

“Art of London is a perfect example of a world-class cultural district stepping up in the fight to survive and which is innovating to improve the public’s experience when visiting the West End, offering new ways to absorb its rich culture.”

Simon Harding-Roots
Managing Director, London, The Crown Estate

“The hospitality sector has had to fight to survive the last few years and so we’ve valued the support of Heart of London, including their campaigning for vital COVID-19 support measures and support for al fresco dining and licensing applications.”

Jason Philips
Director, Wiltons

“Heart of London already represents businesses on the fringes of St James’s. They are a responsible steward and understand that St James’s has a special and unique character, and I am confident they will continue to respect and cherish the heritage of the district in everything that they do.”

Andrew Love
Chairman, St James’s Conservation Trust

“We are delighted at the prospect of St James’s joining HOLBA, not least, because it can address the challenges and opportunities in the area which fall outside the confines of the proposed neighbourhood plan which mainly focuses on planning matters.”

Roger Sharpley
St James’s Neighbourhood Forum

“Ros and the HOLBA team have been tireless advocates for the West End. I have every confidence that HOLBA will be a force for good in St James’s over the coming years and look forward to continuing close working with them.”

Nickie Aiken
MP for Cities of London and Westminster