Benefits of a BID


investment in public realm schemes


reduction in vehicle journeys through our waste consolidation scheme


saved in business rates


employees signed up to Heart of London Club

Our five key areas

Over the past 20 years, Heart of London has evolved to meet the needs of our members. 

We have taken on greater responsibilities through our lobbying, business support services, development and promotion of the West End and work to shape the area through investment.

Our aim for St James’s district: To help drive investment, accelerate sustainability and enhance the St James’s proposition. 

We will deliver on our aim by focusing on five key areas:


We will shape an attractive, accessible and sustainable St James’s, now and into the future.


We will deliver a refined and curated programme of art and culture, unique to St James’s.


We will caretake the streets, keeping St James’s clean, safe and attractive.


We will champion our members’ interests and ensure good growth and standards for St James’s.


We will empower the St James’s community to ​build a place of which they are proud.