St James’s ballot

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St James’s ballot result – Wednesday 29 November

The property owner ballot secured an overwhelming majority vote in favour of establishing a BID in St James’s. However, the occupier ballot was unsuccessful on this occasion.

This means that whilst the property owner ballot was positive it cannot, in accordance with BID legislation, be established in the absence of an occupier BID.

Chief Executive Ros Morgan said:

“This is the first time the St James’s business community have had the opportunity to vote on co-investing in the future of their area.  A positive vote would have secured over £17 million of ring-fenced investment to deliver an ambitious, effective, and coherent plan for the district which would address the challenges, drive prosperity, and unite the community over the next five years.

The result of the occupier ballot was incredibly close with only a few votes in it. Whereas the property owner ballot was secured by an overwhelming majority.  Unfortunately, by law, the property owner BID cannot proceed without the occupier BID in place. 

There will be much disappointment amongst those who supported the opportunity for St James’s, however, the current economic climate left others unable to make the financial commitment at this time. 

We will endeavour to work with the community, to support them and to develop plans for the future.”