The regulation of pedicabs is in sight

4 September 2023: Legislation for licensing pedicabs, which are regularly seen in and around the West End, is expected to be announced when King Charles outlines the Government’s priorities in the King’s Speech on 7 November 2023.

Nickie Aiken MP, Westminster City Council, Heart of London Business Alliance, our members and many other stakeholders have worked tirelessly for many years to highlight the negative impact that minimal regulation on pedicabs has had on the West End.

Currently, there are no requirements for pedicab drivers to obtain insurance, assess the condition of the vehicles or use fixed fares. The unscrupulous behaviour of many pedicab operators continues to cause problems for businesses by blocking highways, harassing customers and causing serious risks to residents, visitors and workers.

Heart of London and our members want to see a level playing field with other private hire vehicles that ensure the highest standards across the board for transport in London.